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2 Suggestions To Stop Bullying & Intimidation

(1) Gather and store information and pic's of your child's associates. (2) Look for signs of group peer pressure. From Mattie

Detroit's 1st Citywide Anti-Bullying Program  Wed, Feb 21, 1990 by Chauncey Bailey Detroit NewsThursday,  May 1, 1990 in "City Voices" Detroit News.

Is Your 1st Party Input Connected?

If It's Not, Lets Change That! We specialize in mutual agreement based communications. We connect 1st party claims for defining problems, public awareness,organizing, advocacy, direct action and solution validating. Our input handling services include hundreds of targeted collectors, groups and databases. We have over 16 years of experience in private sector collecting of targeted citizen input for volunteerism, activism, agenda making and advocacy connecting.

4th Suggestion To Protect Black Women

(1) Host a quarterly meeting to review all incoming 1st party claims related to safety and support for Black women. (2) Create Black Woman Respect Zones. From Diann Wilson (3) Incentivize membership in organizations that support defense of Black women. From M3 (4) Give each young woman traveling alone a survival kit. From Joanna Underwood.

Leveling Up Your Connectivity

Unity starts with our mutual agreement to have communication exchange with each other. The more of such agreements we have, the more unity we can create. We can own the learning and reporting from each other. We bring value to our witness as the 1st parties. When we have a position to see, hear and become aware of the incoming 1st party narratives; we can justify and compare our individual beliefs. For our group to move forward we must have a sense of equality, self-help and advocacy. The approach to bring ourselves in to this mutual support relationship is paramount. This approach brings to surface the common rules and expectations for the relationship. The process and transparency in communication relieves doubt of being acknowledged. Its our opinion that the devaluing of our witness be used to incite more unity. Organizing from the incoming 1st party claim is what sustains the group’s initial cause for expectation. When you add goals, suggested solutions and accountability, you can…

Owning The Value From Your Organizing

The first value in the organizing equation is the mutual agreement to have exchange on specific topics. The second value in the equation is the incoming 1st party claims. The third value in the equation is who receives which 1st party claims. The fourth value in the equation are the operating policies. The fifth value in the equation is the continuum of collection and sharing of 1st party claims.

3 Levels Of Individual Empowerment For Ownership Level one is to set the value, rules and requirement of your 1st party claims and suggestions. Level two is your ability to set the policies that help you track, audit and identify where and when your 1st party claim is being used, misdirected or stolen. Level three is having the means to subject the violators of level one or two to appear in court, show cause and be liable for damages. 
5 Tips For Owning Your 1st Party Claims
(1) Start mutually agreed exchanges of 1st party claims on agreed topics. (2) Insist that your 1st party claims are collecte…

1st Suggestion For Building Economic Power For Black People

(1) Cooperation. 

Elevating Best Practices Of Advocacy Groups

We’ve learned that a best practice for collecting 1st party claims is having different collectors for the claims. We’ve also learned that if we can get better frontend organizing, we can have more effective advocacy. The key is in having identified collectors and a sharing agreement for the incoming claims. Your 1st party claim collector is important to engagement. And you should always consider the policies that will be used by the collector. Because having transparent policies will raise the confidence and trust simultaneously. To keep the confidence, the collector needs to be connected to others with similar claims. And the collector has to take the responsibility for handling the claims or answers. When the input is needed, requested or demanded; who will do it? is the largest alliance of 1st party claim collectors. It’s our policies that have been developed along the way that matter most. From the first actual person that shared their 1st party witness and experience. …

Your Greatest Contribution To Community

We give the greatest contribution when we share our 1st party experiences, claims and suggestions to defining and solving problems. It’s our most important contribution to solving and finding new solutions. When we use the method we create added empowerment and resources for both of us. With frontend agreement to have exchange, we can use the rules and new opportunities to be of assistance to each other. Therefore the contribution we make is given longer life and value by how we handle it. When we organize around the incoming 1st party claims and not issues; we win. When your claim or suggestion comes to it will be collected, compared, organized and used for advocacy. If no existing effort is in place to collect your claims and address the claim you’ve provided; we’ll start one. 

This Requirement Is Campaign Reform

Having mutually agreed communication with the represented people is the door to our progress. Requiring that 1st party claims are collected and handled for the good of the average person is the key requirement. Here are the 3 levels of empowerment within the advocacy relationship model: Level one is to set the value, rules and requirement of your 1st party claims, and suggestions. Level two is your ability to set the policies that help you track, audit and identify where and when your 1st party claim is used, misdirected or stolen. Level three is having the means to subject the violators of level one or two to appear in court, show cause and be liable for damages.

Add Questions For Our Elected Officials & Candidates

(1) What will you do for the wrongly convicted? From Tammy A.
(2) How will you learn of the constituent’s incoming 1st party claims? From M3 (3) Do you have any experience receiving 1st party claims and solving problems?
(4) Do you realize and accept that Black Americans have a unique experience and perspective on America?
(5) What are you doing on reimbursing over-taxed property owners? From D. Action

Bringing Accountability To Advocacy

Direct 1stparty claim connecting is advancing even amid much opposition. The opposition to accountability in advocacy comes from some of the advocates themselves. There are those advocates that didn’t collect our 1stparty claims and now don't have a foundation.  Because they were allowed to take the lead on some issues without having the 1stparty claims; they want it to continue. That legacy is one filled with not being able to tell the difference between organizing around and having the actual 1stparty claims. The claims allow you to identify, account and validate the measurements for organizing. Collecting the claims directly lets the providers audit and track movement of their input. When others get to speak without your direct claims, they can validate solutions that don’t work for you. When direct claims are missing, stolen or manipulated, it stalls the ability to see weaknesses and count successes accurately. Too many of us have been on a bad diet of pre-packaged and overly …

Ray Stephens Our Man Of The Month Jan-2020

For his life time participation to making our community better.

Conspiracy To Under-Handle Our 1st Party Claims

Almost every industry has become notorious for conspiring to hide, change and steal the claimed experiences of everyday people. From whistleblower claims to victim claims, the claim handlers must be accountable. The impact of networking on incoming claims has created a harness. This harness is designed to catch each 1st party claim of experience. Our harness can be positioned closer to the time and source of the claimed experience. We also discovered that having a pre agreement with individuals to share their experience was an asset. That asset lead to archiving and comparing the collected claims from average citizens. The value increase in the asset was made possible by the announced routine use of the said asset. Changing, considering and making the policies for handling incoming 1st party claims was becoming mandated. We advocate for the fair value of your 1st party claim.

Portable Business Opportunity


The Opportunist & Our Advocacy

Self-advocates and opportunist have been very hard on us as a struggling people. It’s been because the opportunist takes positions without the due diligence of having our 1st party claims and engagement. When the smoke clears on this type of advocacy we’re left with their last words, and little transferable political assets. The missing rules and the forsaking of having a mutual agreement to have exchange is our self-help stumbling block. The un- agreed to indicators of progress is where the game falls on us.

How Mate3 Became A Leader In Advocacy Assisting

From the actual person sharing their 1st party witness and experience; better policies and new solutions started emerging. as a group has learned to better problem solve by starting with advocacy assistance for the one with the problem. We learned that the crucial factor of having a fair and equal first step approach to problem solving was missing. How we learned what we learned was new big thing. It so happened that we learned from heavily increasing the amount of incoming 1st party claims that we cross-checked. What we did with the lessons we learned was to start offering to share those lessons through mutually agreed exchanges of 1st party claims. After the news got out about our new practices, the question became how to become aware of the 1st party problems and claims. Since nothing is too good for the membership, we continued the search for more ways to make advocacy better for the average person. We wanted to share our discoveries and advancements for provid…