Getting Agreements To Share 1st Party Claims 1

We're hitting the streets to get commitments to share.

Use Detroit Consumer Defense Coalition

You have access to consumer support assistance to help you with solving your consumer problems and concerns. There are several businesses in our city that prey on consumers. We keep a record of gauging prices and credit products Some businesses in the city are allowed to operate as a purveyor of predatory pricing and lending. If you’ve been a victim of consumer exploitation or know a person that’s been a victim; contact us today. We believe in being organized to protect the assets and wealth of each other. 

Detroiters Re-Elected Congresswoman Tlaib August 4 2020

The Congresswoman that's most likely to help with a 1st party claim.  

Like-Minded Businesses Reach Out To Lift Voices

Various business owners and advocates have been working together to provide free memberships. The memberships will put problem solving assistance and organizing help at the fingertips of each member. Every member will get easy access to research, investigation and advocacy assistance. Simply answer 3 questions!  (1) What happened to you? (2) What would you like to see happen? And (3) how do you think others can help? Email   your answers to: or voicemail your answers to 313 742-6018.  Upon receiving your answers; we’ll seek first steps toward problem solving, advocacy and direct action. Upon receiving your answers; we’ll start a search for others who’ve had the same or similar experience. We’ll also start rallying others that have a history of supporting and handling your specific type of needs.  No in person meetings necessary in most cases; answers received 24/7 & holidays.

Michigan's Most Wanted 1st Party Claims

Connecting Those With Specific 1st Party Experiences Below are just a few of the 1st party claims and experiences that we're seeking. You're invited to share your 1st party experiences for public awareness and education.  An individual arrested, held and arraigned without seeing a lawyer or public defender in Michigan. A citizen that did not receive a covid-19 economic stimulus check. A citizen that had a confiscated covid-19 economic stimulus check. A non-co-parenting biological parent between 1965 and 2018. A patient of University of Michigan doctor Robert Anderson  between 1968 and 2003. An employee laid off because of Covid-19 and then terminated for refusing an early return to work.  A vic tim of having a family members body held for debt at a nursing home in Michigan. A victim of bureaucratic errors resulting in damage. A victim of retaliatory eviction. A property owner during 2010-2016 that lost a home due to tax foreclosure. A citizen removed from a public meeting by po

R.I.P. Keith Baldwin Jr.

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