The Scale For Auditing Our 1st Party Claims

We have a more reliable and transparent measuring tool in networking. The tool is a formula for increasing engagement simultaneously with problem solving. We now have a higher definition of problems with a greater collaboration in the solutions. By networking we reduce the cost and time it takes to mobilize the collected 1st party claims. The quantity of what we have to say starts with our claim having value. The value we assign our 1st party claims is completely up to us. I assign my claim equal value to any like claim being measured. In everyday context the operating practice for acknowledging my claim is point one.  Accountability does count and you can’t add values without a defined baseline, in numbers the baseline is zero, among individuals it’s their claims.

5 Organizing Values To Use

The first value in the equation of group problem solving is the mutual agreement to have exchange on specific topics. The second value in the equation are the incoming 1st party claims. The third value in the equation is who receives which 1st party claims. The fourth value in the equation are the operating policies for using the collected claims in problem solving. The fifth value in the equation is the continuum of collection and distribution of 1st party claims.

You Can Participate In Our Mutual Agreement To Exchange 3 Answers
At the network we specialize in mutual agreement based communications. We collect 1st party claims, experiences and suggestions for public awareness, organizing and advocacy. We connect 1st party claims for defining problems and validating solutions. Our input handling services include hundreds of targeted collectors, groups and databases. We have over 16 years of experience in private sector collecting of targeted citizen input for volunteerism, activ…

Free The Kite Project

This campaign is focused on the 1st party claims of Prisoners and their families. From Detroit to the world we’re bringing our outreach to connect. We’re here for exchanging input to make a difference in defining our problems. This is a movement of policies, this is a movement for solving our problems as pointed out by the 1st party claims. We don’t organize around the issue, we organize from the 1st party claims. We can’t know if you don’t say, we can’t organize support or change if you don’t say. Tell a friend, give a suggestion, give your 1st party claim and help tell our story. Lifting all our voices, each one reach one!

(Suggestion-1) Give families proof of evaluations of suitable medical treatment for their loved ones that are inmates. (From M3)

General Issues: A. Good time B. Access to express activism and volunteerism

Odd Jobs For Adults In Detroit

We’re recruiting adults and keeping track of the available odd jobs. We're also listenning to to the 1st party claims of employers and workers. We connect ready individuals to same day cash pay odd-jobs.

Citizens After Market Vehicle Advocates

The advocates formed in 2018 in respons to the unmonitored and unregulated after-market auto sells, repair and financing enterprises.  Since that time the advocatse have continued to successfully support victims; said Perry Keys. If you or someone you know has been a victim of questionable auto repairs or sells contact us at or by phone at 313 742-6018

Join The Detroit Search Team For 1st Party Claims

Image has launched an exciting new volunteer powered service. You can join our team now manages broad strategy searches for 1st party claims. This new service is available to individuals, researchers, attorneys, etc. Unfortunately our advertising services are limited to our fundraising capacity, but searches continue.

The Black White People Spectrum

Let me start once again by saying this is not intended to be insensitive; I love everybody.
And let me add that I’m a Black white person as well. At issue is how some Americans of African descent do equate assimilation as a normal evolutionary process. Becoming like your former trafficker should not automatically be thought of as progress. Too many of us perceive the assimilation process as needing to be embraced. Many of us see our assimilation and ourselves as growing under normal conditions. Even though there are some of us that have been taught that the truth must have a history. And that truth needs a history of work that can give validation to our reasons for having trust and expectation. As a group our witness is often a refutation to the lies told about the history of the Black White people in America. As the consciousness of self-determination emerged there was an attempt to erase the true history of the Black White people. The Black White people that live in the gray area of …