Organizing Of "Group Problem Solving" Is Growing

We started organizing networks of individuals to solve problems in the eighties. We discovered that the average person had only been exposed to the dictator style of problem solving. When we first presented our more collaborative style of problem solving many were shocked. Today it’s easier to introduce our approach and we have more support to put behind our method of problem solving. networking lets us add to the considerations during the problem solving continuum. We start at the incoming 1st party claims and suggestions. We can quickly compare new and old claims for matching with advocates that already have similar goals. Yes! We will quickly give you notification of new incoming claims on your topic. Note: We only accept 3 specific answers and from those 1st party claims; we’ll make first step organizing moves.
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To: Bankole Thompson Detroit News Jounalist/Writer


Off The Bench In 2020 Campaign Is Open

Each citizen is encouraged to attempt to remove Judges they believe to be bad for the public good.
On The Off List: 3rd Circuit Court Judge Lynne A. Pierce
Add the names of the Judges you chose. Contact us!

John Conyers Jr. Blvd In Downtown Detroit


Empowerment That Does Not Empower Us

Different activist have cited the starving of self-determination for Americans of African descent. When you think about helping people what comes to mind?
After you answer that question; ask yourself what comes to mind when you think of the people you got to help as “poor” people. Once you use the word poor, you quickly change what you see as being needed to help. For example if you as an individual were held by the authorities; and you knew that you’re outcome, data and property would be scrutinized. Would you prefer to have some control over said authorities? We need money for advocacy, just as bad as we need the boxes of food. Poor people apparently must trade and generate capital for ourselves if we’re to have advocacy for ourselves. Our government has positioned us so that no one can adequately represent us; we can’t be represented because they have made our 1st party input not valued, required or mandated. To date one glimmer of progress for the average person is that we’re learn…

The Detroit “sochockey” Challenge Turns 42

We’ve been having fun and letting people take the “sochockey” challenge for prizes; for 42 years. We’ve raised money and promoted causes with others, and the chances continue!

Wanted! Supporters Of The Wrongfully Convicted

We're organizing for the National Day To Stand For The Wrongfully Convicted.