Detroit Points & Credits For Social Participation Card

Image introduced this new card last year to increase citizen engagement in one area. The card is now being offered in new areas including Detroit. You get points and/or credits for attending meetings and participating in problem solving related meetings. We want the card to be user friendly and of reward to the people. The cards are free and will be widely available, if you need more information please contact us.

From: Tenay Hankins Precinct Delegate-428

Open letter in the interest of citizens of Detroit.

To: Agnes Hitchcock Of "Call Em Out" In Detroit


1410 Washington Blvd Tenants Update 1

Tenants wanted an actual security guard as corporate moved to use cameras only.
Because the 1st party claims of tenants are missing from the public log. Scrutiny of management maneuvers and follow-up to tenant claims are not possible. The rental living-space providers are becoming a private government with the public government. The number of corporate provided rental spaces has sharply increased and become more politically influential. In urban cities like Detroit the fight-back is getting organized. New residents will receive a letter of invitation to use the tenant advocacy assistance network. Rick Robertson CEO of is with Attorney Edward Dobbs, who's a resident and tenant assoc. president. 7/15/2019 Attorney Edward Dobbs with tenant association former-president and current event coordinator lynette newsome. 

Is Detroit Becoming A Police City?

Detroit’s new political prisoners and arrestee’s are grandmothers, the handicapped and champions of democracy. All residents that want redress to acts of oppression and abuse by officials of the state and city machine are under assault. Join a mutual agreement with others to exchange 1st party claims so that you're informed. Together we can win!

Detroit’s First Citywide Search Team


Committee To Support Keisha Baldwin Starts

Ms. Baldwin shot her attacker, who was also the father of her children. Does she have a right to stand her ground? The concern of different applications of gun laws based on gender, race and victim is very real. 1st party claim handlers are distributing her claim to potential advocates and supporters. (1) The incident occurred in Macomb County.