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 A Related Post 7/16/19 Detroit Points & Credits For Social Participation Membership Card introduced this new card to increase citizen engagement in one area. The card is now being offered in new areas including Detroit. You get points and/or credits for attending meetings and participating in problem solving related meetings. We want this card to be user friendly and of reward to the user. The cards are free and will be widely available.

Who's A 4-Star Pop-Up Vendor In Detroit?

We want you to share the names and products of vendors that you rate as the best. All nominee's will be posted and promoted. You will be blessing those vendors that you select and send their names to us.

Who Gave Good Customer Service To You?

Let us know who and where, and we’ll give them a special recognition & acknowledgement.

Detroit’s Emerging Teachers Are Bringing It


Networking To Stop Youth Intimidation & Harrassment

Detroit's 1st Citywide Anti-Bullying Program  Wed, Feb 21, 1990 by Chauncey Bailey Detroit NewsThursday,  May 1, 1990 in "City Voices" Detroit News.

Emotion Based Behavior Problems In Children

We’re collecting, networking and archiving 1st party claims for long-term use. As parents and stakeholders we’re charged with giving witness to love and difficulties. And it is with great empathy that I encourage you to share 1st party claims that may give us all a better understanding.

Practice Solving Detroit Problems & Get A Certificate

You’ll learn how to target and collect 1st party claims to use in problem solving. You’ll learn to use the problem-solving methods and approaches. You’ll have opportunities to practice problem solving on your schedule via email.
You’ll be part of a format where all 1st party claims and collectors can connect. This coaching and problem solving exercise program awards certificates from level 1 to 10. For more information contact us!