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Get practice and rewards for having suggestions to solve problems. This service is also an open stage for individuals to introduce their suggestions and ideas for public awareness. $17K in cash and a variety of free prizes have already been awarded. You're automatically considered for an award when you submit a suggestion. Put Your Suggestion On The Stage Your name or title can be added.
3 Suggestions For Citizen Empowerment

 Community Organizing Ideas Review Commission (1) A conspicuous place, time and audience to review new ways to organize and other ways of doing things better. This informal commission was initially introduced in 2015 by CEO, to encourage best practices in understanding citizen organizing. (From N.R.)
 Detroit Emergency Savings Account (2) This affiliated basic emergency fund account would start with a $10 contribution to the new account opener. Additional contributions to the individual’s account can be added by them, or by us if the account holder particip…

(24) Covid-19 Incoming 1st Party Claims & Suggestions

Claims: (1) I was given a prescription for a drive through Covid-19 testing site and didn’t have a car. (2) I didn't know who should inform, notify or update me. (3) I didn't know who or where I should tell my 1st party circumstance.
(4) My doctors office called to remind me of my appointment, but gave me no others updates;about covid-19.
(5) I wanted help actual victims and those with 1st party needs in my city. I was told that the city was not allowed to share the input needs of citizens.
(6) I was told I had pneumonia and the doctors did not test me for Covid-19.
(7) I can’t get updates and status reports on my son who was admitted to the hospital.

Suggestions: (1) Limit the exposure of senior citizens, and those with a weakened immune system to potential carriers.
(2) Be in a group of people that plan ahead for their survival.
(3) Patrol, take notes and pics of receipts to evidence price gauging.
(4) Create quantity restrictions during pandemics for essential products and services. (5)…

To: Isaac Robinson / Community Organizer / State Representative


Update Of 1st Party Experiences Being Sought

Rewards are available for your 1st party claims and experiences. If you know persons who've been impacted by having the following experiences; contact  313 742-6018 (We currently have more than 40 sources seeking those willing to add their claims and experiences to solving problems.)

A family member or close friend of a deceased victim of covid-19.
A physician -quarantined victim of Coronavirus after 3/1/2020
A victim of retaliatory eviction.
A property owner in Detroit during 2010-2016 that lost your home due to tax foreclosure.
A citizen removed from a public meeting by police. A parent of a student that failed the 3rd grade reading test in MI. An applicant asking for homeowner’s property tax assistance. A child once ordered in to foster care in Michigan. A victim of the Detroit Land Bank property aquisition. A Detroit parent of a Bullied Child. A victim of a Michigan Zoning Appeals Board ruling. A Detroiter applying for low-income housing since 2016. A former fast food worke…

When Fighting By Yourself Is Not Enough

No in-person meetings needed.
Simply tell us your answers to 3 questions: (1) what happened to you? (2) What would you like to see happen? And (3) how do you think others can help? Send your answers to: or call 313 742-6018  Open 24/7/365
When we receive your answers to 1, 2 or all 3 of our questions; we start advocacy assistance. We’ll seek first steps toward problem solving, advocacy and direct action. We’ll start rallying others that have a history of advocating around your type of 1st party claim. We will also start a search for others that have had the same or similar experience. At the point that an in-person meeting with you is needed, it will be a meeting made specifically to address you and yours.  We take pride in tracking the handling of our 1st party claims; its a new day in organizing.
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Non Emergency Medical Transportation Totally Unprepared

There you are at home stuck with symptoms of a mysterious virus. You decide to go get yourself checked, but you open a message from the government that says Medicare will pay for all test, but you have Medicade not Medicare. You wait another couple of days and eventually you get support to make the move to get a medical evaluation and the prescription. Again you're stuck at home with no ride to the next phase of the procedure.