7th Suggestion For Over-Taxed Detroit Property Owners

(1) Motion for a court order to freeze assets and stop all property sells, transfers of land banked properties; until over taxed property owners are made whole.
(2) No bonds, no tax increases & no extensions until over charged property tax payers get made whole.
(3) Discover who knew what and when, and prosecute. from N.R.
(4) Request the FBI investigation in to possible RICO charges. From James Taylor
(5) Impacted property owners and tax payers escrow fund.from Jennifer Gibbs (6) Get Quicken Loans Fund to help us with advocacy assistance for Detroit tax payers; like they did for the city tax relief outreach. (see attached picture)
(7) Demand resources for organizing and make the city hire a civil lawyer for the citizens. From Ms. Adams

1 Suggestion To Get Good Census (1) Give incentives for suggestions to get more participation in the census. from M3
Present Your Suggestions & Solutions Get practice and rewards for having suggestions to solve problems. This is an email based service fo…

Accounting For OUR Incoming 1st Party Claims

The future of how we’ll be heard includes when, how and by what means. Using best practices in areas such as public organizing and advocacy, must include auditing accounting for incoming claims. The old way of handling 1st party claims has ceased to be trustable, due to irreconcilable differences. The new approach gives access to more transparency and protections of truth in narratives. As a group of people talking to each other, the rules for exchange must be plain and mutual. The most valuable act for the group is our mutually agreeing on the frontend. For our time the litmus question is can we negotiate mutual agreements and relationships with each other faster? 

Minds On Inhuman Treatment Of Black Women


Activist For Getting Veteran's Services

Calling The Spirit Of Activism & Advocacy  
All of us have benefited from the spirit of the activist. Their speaking up, advocating and working on solving an identified problem. Activist are those that alert, inform and invoke demands to be acknowledged. This upcoming tribute event is a celebration of the spirit to serve. On this occasion we will celebrate the strength in conviction of the spirit to serve. It’s a thank you for those that brought and continue to bring some joy, hope and problem solving to each other and the world. Plan To Join Us In Paying Tribute!

The Future Of The Activist The activist becomes a part of an industry of advocacy in the truest sense. There are usually competing activist that are advocates. The competition among the advocates is always there. In one form or another the activist and the activism is competing. Let’s assume that where you have competition you have an objective? If so you can realize that many times the help and inspiration you receive is f…

Conspiracy To Under-Handle Our 1st Party Claims

Almost every industry has become notorious for conspiring to hide, change and steal the claimed experiences of everyday people. From whistleblower claims to victim claims, the claim handlers must be accountable. The impact of networking on incoming claims has created a harness. This harness is designed to catch each 1st party claim of experience. Our harness can be positioned closer to the time and source of the claimed experience. We also discovered that having a pre agreement with individuals to share their experience was an asset. That asset lead to archiving and comparing the collected claims from average citizens. The value increase in the asset was made possible by the announced routine use of the said asset. Changing, considering and making the policies for handling incoming 1st party claims was becoming mandated. We advocate for the fair value of your 1st party claim.

1st Party Claims & Experiences Wanted

As of 1/20/19 Rewards could be available for your 1st party experiences & claims; if you have been the following:
A citizen removed from a public meeting by police. A parent of a student that failed the 3rd grade reading test in MI. An applicant asking for homeowner’s property tax assistance. A child once ordered in to foster care in Michigan. A victim of the Detroit Land Bank. A Detroit parent of a Bullied Child. A victim of a Michigan Zoning Appeals Board ruling.
A Detroiter applying for low-income housing since 2016. A former fast food worker fired for organizing for 15 in Michigan. An indigent litigant that went through the 3rd circuit court after 1/1/2016. A homeless person using a Detroit area shelter. A parent of a child with problematic emotional behaviors in Detroit schools. A Detroit resident and cancer patient with a complaint regarding treatment. A formerly incarcerated person returning to Detroit after 1/1/2018. A Black parent of an Autistic child living in Detroit. . A Detroit housin…

Get Answers On Networking

Answers from Rick Robertson CEO of You're invited to send me any questions you have about networking, or about me personally, I'll answer the question and post it here!
Whats it like to take to new people? Our first outreach approach is our invitation. The invitation is to have mutual agreement to share 1st party claims for accountability and public good. What you and I share will be collected for making a difference. Those 1st party claims we share can be on misconduct or simply to inform. They will be used for comparing and assisting with solving problems. The 1st party input will go to a coalition of people. Those people have voluntarily positioned themselves to be notified. Each person can subscribe to be notified of selected incoming 1st party claims.  The objective is to better define, solve and take action on problems. We explain that the objective also includes open collaboration in presenting suggestions and selecting soluti…