How We Became A Leader Pt.1

From the actual person sharing their 1st party witness and experience; better policies and new solutions started emerging. as a group has learned to better problem solve by starting with advocacy assistance for the one with the problem. We learned that the crucial factor of having a fair and equal first step approach to problem solving was missing. How we learned what we learned was new big thing. It so happened that we learned from heavily increasing the amount of incoming 1st party claims that we cross-checked. What we did with the lessons we learned was to start offering to share those lessons through mutually agreed exchanges of 1st party claims. After the news got out about our new practices, the question became how to become aware of the 1st party problems and claims. Since nothing is too good for the membership, we continued the search for more ways to make advocacy better for the average person. We wanted to share our discoveries and advancements for provid…

Overdose Prevention Activist

Celebrating The Spirit Of Activism & Advocacy  
All of us have benefited from the spirit of the activist. Their speaking up, advocating and working on solving an identified problem. Activist are those that alert, inform and invoke demands to be acknowledged. This upcoming tribute event is a celebration of the spirit to serve. On this occasion we will celebrate the strength in conviction of the spirit to serve. It’s a thank you for those that brought and continue to bring some joy, hope and problem solving to each other and the world. Plan To Join Us In Paying Tribute!

The Future Of The Activist The activist becomes a part of an industry of advocacy in the truest sense. There are usually competing activist that are advocates. The competition among the advocates is always there. In one form or another the activist and the activism is competing. Let’s assume that where you have competition you have an objective? If so you can realize that many times the help and inspiration you receive …

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When we receive your answers to 1, 2 or all 3 of our questions we start advocacy assistance. We’ll begin rallying others that have been associated with advocating around your 1stparty claim. We will also open a search for others that have had the same or similar claims. 
No in person meetings necessary in most cases; contact us 24/7 & holidays.

(1) What happened to you?   (2) What would you like to see happen? (3) And how do you think others can help? Send your answers to:  We'll return our findings in the order of your incoming search request. 

You Can Personally Receive The Incoming 1st Party Answers On The Topic's That You Select We distribute a variety of incoming 1st party answers for free.

We Register & Invest In 1st Party Claim Collectors We’re recruiting collectors of 1st party claims, suggestions and individual input. We are also increasing the number of collectors we have around the world. We’d like you to become an individual input collector. We’ll hel…

You’re Contribution To Improvement

We give the greatest contribution when we share our 1st party experiences, claims and suggestions to defining and solving problems. It’s our most important contribution to solving and finding new solutions. When we use the method we create added empowerment and resources for both of us. With frontend agreement to have exchange, we can use the rules and new opportunities to be of assistance to each other. Therefore the contribution we make is given longer life and value by how we handle it. When we organize around the incoming 1st party claims and not issues; we win. When your claim or suggestion comes to it will be collected, compared, organized and used for advocacy. If no existing effort is in place to collect your claims and address the claim you’ve provided; we’ll start one. 

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First Suggestion To Get Good Census

1 Suggestion To Get Good Census
(1) Give incentives for suggestions to get more participation in the census. from M3 Present Your Suggestions & Solutions Get practice and rewards for having suggestions to solve problems. This is an email based service for mutually agreeing members. This service is also an open stage for individuals to introduce their suggestions and ideas for public awareness. $4.5K of cash and a variety of free prizes have already been awarded. You're automatically considered for an award when you submit a suggestion.

Share Your Suggestions For A Problem Posted Below Simply Email Suggestions To: Your name or title can be added.
Top 2 Suggestions For Citizen Empowerment The Community Organizing Ideas Review Commission (1) A conspicuous place, time and audience to review new ways to organize and other ways of doing things better. This informal commission was initially introduced in 2015 by CEO, to encourage best practices in understanding citizen organizing. (…

The MLK Day Giving Of Advocacy Assistance

Join us in this to be annual outreach to support and help others.