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Maximum Advocacy Assistance For All


Pt.2 Of Saviors Day Message Is Coming PSA

Starting Sunday March 1, 2020 you can start checking for the official release of Minister Farrakhan’s Pt.2 of his Saviors Day address. "The Unraveling Of A Great Nation".  Click here for


Queen Of The Pre 2020 Summer Auto Shows

Calli Stewart 2020
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Campaign For Using Gloves When Pumping Gas

After an inspection of gas pump users around metro-Detroit; it’s good advice for you to use at least one glove when pumping gas at self-serve locations. A free glove for customers and a 5-cent paper glove have both been suggested. What do you think?
Advertising Detroit 2020 Summer Auto Shows Blog  click here!

Maintain Your Brain PSA


Reimagining How We Get Advocacy Assistance

We’ve been forced to reimagine our relationship to our leadership and advocates. There comes a time when redesign is the only reasonable option. When what we have, does not fit what we need, it’s time to consider redesign. Facing the hard truth and then making change is never easy. We know this truth from past experience, but it never feels easy at first. We’re saying as of today, that the 1st party claim has measurable value. It’s never really an easy time to make the needed changes to improve ourselves; yet throughout life we often make the difficult changes. Having an affiliation that’s dedicated to one purpose. The purpose of having better organized advocacy assistance in place. Having us equipped to get advocacy support with a phone call or an email is the purpose. We are the original service dedicated to the one thing of providing advocacy assistance. That assistance starts at the time your 1st party input is received at  (24/7/365) The advocacy for our causes de…

Reparations Now Activist

Join us in celebrating the Spirit Of Activism, Advocacy & Volunteerism / Plan to be with us September-2020
All of us have benefited from the spirit and work of the activist, volunteer, community organizer and the hero. Their speaking up, advocating and working on solving an identified problem makes the difference. Activist are those that alert, inform and invoke demands to be acknowledged. This upcoming tribute event is a celebration of the spirit to serve. On this occasion we will celebrate the strength in conviction and the continuum of the spirit to serve. It will be a thank you for those that brought and continue to bring some joy, hope and problem solving to our world. Plan To Join In!

"Cut The Check" Activist 
Get Out The Vote Activist
Anti Indigent Litigant Abuse Activist
Gun Ownership Activist
Clean Water Based Activist
Re-entry Assistance Advocates
Eye Care Based Activist
Prisoners Volunteering To Help Other Prisoners