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To: Theo Broughton Co-Founder of Hood Research


The Relationship To Our Advocates

The great majority of our current advocates can neither love nor hate us; because they don’t know us, as us. They know us by what 3rd and 4th parties have taught them about us. Because of those flawed relations with the advocates that are working to fix our problems; our results have been stagnant. The operating policies for advocates that are written by is targeted to be a precision tool for the average person. A tool for organizing and improving the options for advocacy assistance for the average person; with accountability. The first value in the equation of problem solving is the 1st party claim. The second value is in how we handle the incoming claim. The third value is how you think we’re handling our mutual agreement to have exchange with you. CEO

Some Of The Most Wanted 1st Party Claims

Rewards could be available for your 1st party experiences & claims; if you have been the following:
A citizen with a 1st party claim that is not already being collected.
A citizen removed from a public meeting by police. A parent of a student that failed the 3rd grade reading test in MI. An applicant asking for homeowner’s property tax assistance. A child once ordered in to foster care in Michigan. A victim of the Detroit Land Bank. A Detroit Parent of a Bullied Child. A victim of a Michigan Zoning Appeals Board ruling. A Detroiter applying for low-income housing since 2016. A former fast food worker fired for organizing for 15 in Michigan. An indigent litigant that went through the 3rd circuit court after 1/1/2016. A homeless person using a Detroit area shelter. A parent of a child with problematic emotional behaviors in Detroit schools. A Detroit resident and cancer patient with a complaint regarding treatment. A formerly incarcerated person returning to Detroit after 1/1/2018. A Black parent o…

Would You Use Networking?

Take The Quiz To See:
(1) Would you share what happened to you to solve a problem or give insight to others? Y N M (2) Would you let your 1st party claims be saved and used for comparison to others?Y N M (3) Would you give your suggestion to solve a problem you have? Y N M (4) Would you accept help to solve problems associated with your 1st party claim? Y N M (5) Would you monitor the solving of your problem and give your follow up input? Give yourself 5-points for every Yes, give yourself 3-points for every Maybe and 1-point for every No.    A total score of five or higher means you're READY!

Stop 1st Party Claim & Suggestion Theft

We all can work together to prevent the theft & manipulation of our 1st party claims. If you suspect theft or manipulation of 1st party claims, let us know. We're an advocate for organizing the lifting of all 1st party claims for problem solving. You can help by pointing out those who claim to represent the interest of the voiceless without proof of having their 1st party claims.

Suggestions For Solving Detroit’s Clogged Water Drains

(1) Add a fine for commercial lawn companies that blow debris into the street. From Mary S.
(2) Stop street sweepers from pushing dirt and debris. From Mike T.