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Starting At The Dept Of Human Services

1st party claims from more citizens in more places than ever before are being collected. After collecting thousands of 1st party inputs and claims from recipients and those in need.  We all should support the collecting of the 1st party claims from the impacted people; not the narratives of others.    Bring Your 1st Party Claims To Meet 

Relationships & Trust Triggers In Organizing People

In our study of relationships in effective organizing, we found factors like how long the parties had exchanged 1st party claims. So we now realize that the first trust trigger to productive organizing is the mutual communication agreement. In this case the mutual relationship agreement is between the one collecting and the one sharing their 1st party claim. The mutually agreed communication agreement is the starting place. From that start we add the policies for handling the incoming claims. With the combination of designated collectors, handling policies and the 1st party claims; we create the 2nd trust trigger, which is step by step understanding. Next it’s the equal access to put your individual claims into defining problems and validating solutions; that creates the 3rd trust trigger, willing engagement! The length of the mutual relationship between the collector and the claim provider adds history, and more confidence. Next we found that when we format claims and input to be con…

Cleaning Detroit Senior & Handicapped Housing

We’ve started collecting and networking the 1st party claims of maintenance workers. Not just any maintenance workers, but those who are employed to do the work at these properties.
SUGGESTION-1 Maintenance workers should be encouraged to get pictures and tips for educational proofs. From
SUGGESTION-2 Assure tenant ability to dispose of garbage properly on a daily basis. From L. Williams

To: Joanna Underwood / City of Detroit Charter Commissioner


Share Suggestions To Help Vision Challenged Detroiters

We’re starting a continuing list of suggestions & 1st party experiences from vision challenged persons and those that assist them. We want this list to help create an agenda for improving the quality of life for vision challenged Detroiters.
(1) Spend more time getting the input of vision challenged individuals. From: Reuben Turner
(2) Join together with the wheelchair problem solver groups. From Derek Perry

Detroiters Exchange Suggestions To Reduce Poverty

(1) Invest in more options for collective work projects that serve the interest of those at and below the national poverty level. (From Edna T.)

(2) Select a director for the Michigan Dept. of Health & Human Services that has the best solutions for addressing the problems and claims reported by those served. (From M3)

(3) Support the people claiming a particular experience or problem to collect the claims of others with the same problem. (Divine Mecca Ent.)

(4) Get the suggestion(s) for solution from those with the problem. (J.R.)

(5) Automatically remove garnishments against the income and tax returns of those at and below the poverty level. (Mary H.)

(6) Start a transportation service to help those needing to transport food from pantry's and warehouses. (Mesha Little)

Transferring The Management Of Activism

Have you ever thought about what happens to the complaints you give someone and then that someone changes? The policies and chain of custody for our 1st party claims is very important. The plans and policies that cover 1st party claims of all kinds should be regularly adjusted. The claims of victims should dictate who and when for taking the lead on solving the problem. The directions for problem solving must dictate the directions and rights for providing advocacy.  Poor management of the 1st party claims will downgrade the relationship between the trust triggers and public participation. The effects of trust trigger relationship downgrades has reduced our mass organizing and mobilizing capacity. Since we’ve learned the conditions that hinder 1st parties from giving voice to their problems and claims; we’ve been solving the problem. A part of fixing the problem is to stop the lack of continuum in handling 1st party input. Organizing is fed by the claims and aspirations of individuals…

Get Your 313 Detroit Points For Doing It Here

Click here to get started!
 A Related Post 7/16/19 Detroit Points & Credits For Social Participation Membership Card introduced this new card to increase citizen engagement in one area. The card is now being offered in new areas including Detroit. You get points and/or credits for attending meetings and participating in problem solving related meetings. We want this card to be user friendly and of reward to the user. The cards are free and will be widely available.

Who Gave You Good Customer Service?

Let us know who and where you received good customer service; we’ll give them a special recognition & acknowledgement.


Detroit’s Emerging Teachers Are Bringing It


Networking To Stop Youth Intimidation & Harrassment

Detroit's 1st Citywide Anti-Bullying Program  Wed, Feb 21, 1990 by Chauncey Bailey Detroit NewsThursday,  May 1, 1990 in "City Voices" Detroit News.

Emotion Based Behavior Problems In Children

We’re collecting, networking and archiving 1st party claims for long-term use. As parents and stakeholders we’re charged with giving witness to love and difficulties. And it is with great empathy that I encourage you to share 1st party claims that may give us all a better understanding.

Practice Solving Detroit Problems & Get A Certificate

You’ll learn how to target and collect 1st party claims to use in problem solving. You’ll learn to use the problem-solving methods and approaches. You’ll have opportunities to practice problem solving on your schedule via email.
You’ll be part of a format where all 1st party claims and collectors can connect. This coaching and problem solving exercise program awards certificates from level 1 to 10. For more information contact us!

Detroit's Former Incarcerated Are Networking

We’re connecting the 1st party claims from formerly incarcerated persons so that our problems can be more accurately defined and solutions validated one by one. We want to know what’s happening to you and yours; we will be posting problems to have open source collaboration in finding solutions. We’ll also be collecting suggestions for solving any of the previously reported problems or policies. 

Suggestion #2 Join groups that exchange first party experiences for better advocacy.  from: Marvin in Detroit, MI

Suggestion #1 Support reinstatement and protection of the "good time" sentence reductions for exemplary inmate conduct. From: Eddie in Coldwater, MI

Detroit Vendors Are Networking

Yes local vendors are connecting so that advantages and problems can be identified and solutions validated one by one. The 1st party claims of local vendors will be collected and connected for advocacy and problem solving. We want to know what’s happening to you and yours; we will be posting problems for open source collaboration in finding solutions. We’ll also be collecting suggestions for solving the previously reported problems. Learn more at click here

8 Suggestions To Fight Illegal Dumping

(1) Promote legislation to manage accumulation, storing and transfer of trash.
(2) Fund initiatives to divert illegal dumping from occurring.
(3) Fund initiatives that create odd jobs for haulers that are sole-proprietors.
(4) Patrol, evidence and educate on potential illegal dumping.
(5) Patrol for illegal dumping in progress for prosecution.
(6) Pay rewards for Haulers that report being solicited to haul and dump illegally.
(7) Pay rewards to individuals that identify trash that will potentially be illegally dumped.
(8) Pay rewards for tips identifying haulers intent on illegally dumping.

The Fight For Accountability In Organizing

Direct 1st party claim connecting is advancing even amid much opposition. The opposition to accountability in advocacy comes from some of the advocates. Those among them that didn’t collect and that don’t have our 1st party claims are the ones in opposition. Because they were allowed to take the lead on some issues without having the 1st party claims; they want it to continue. That legacy is one filled with not being able to tell the difference between having and speaking about the 1st party claims. The claims allow you to identify the best start point for organizing and validation. Collecting the claims directly lets claimant’s audit and track success. When others get to speak without your direct claims, they can validate solutions that don’t work for you. When direct claims are missing, stolen or manipulated, it stalls the ability to see weaknesses and count successes accurately. Too many of us have been on a bad diet of pre-packaged and overly processed input. The future of organiz…

The Heads Of Households Are Talking & Networking

Yes we’re connecting the 1st party claims from heads of households so that problems can be defined and solutions validated one by one. We want to know what’s happening to you and yours; we will be posting problems for open source collaboration to find solutions. We’ll also be collecting suggestions for solving any of the previously reported problems or policies.  Our first task is to assess the policies and processes for redress that impact householders.