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Relationships & Trust Triggers In Organizing People

In our study of relationships in effective organizing, we found factors like how long the parties had exchanged 1st party claims. So we now realize that the first trust trigger to productive organizing is the mutual communication agreement. In this case the mutual relationship agreement is between the one collecting and the one sharing their 1st party claim. The mutually agreed communication agreement is the starting place. From that start we add the policies for handling the incoming claims. With the combination of designated collectors, handling policies and the 1st party claims; we create the 2nd trust trigger, which is step by step understanding. Next it’s the equal access to put your individual claims into defining problems and validating solutions; that creates the 3rd trust trigger, willing engagement! The length of the mutual relationship between the collector and the claim provider adds history, and more confidence. Next we found that when we format claims and input to be con…

To: Joanna Underwood / City of Detroit Charter Commissioner


Share Suggestions To Help Vision Challenged Detroiters

We’re starting a continuing list of suggestions & 1st party experiences from vision challenged persons and those that assist them. We want this list to help create an agenda for improving the quality of life for vision challenged Detroiters.
(1) Spend more time getting the input of vision challenged individuals. From: Reuben Turner
(2) Join together with the wheelchair problem solver groups. From Derek Perry

The Problem Is Bird Shit, Flies & Sidewalks

Untrimmed trees in the near downtown area are drawing the ire of everybody impacted. Residents started to notice the problem about five years ago, as the once small trees have grown older. The type of trees that line many residential landscapes in the area are attractive to the birds they’re forcing out of downtown Detroit. So now we have more fallen branches and a big increase in bird feces. Most property managers have not had to trim trees over walk ways; so it’s not been getting done. Now the problem is the number of incidents of flies going up the pants legs and dresses of residents. Scientist agree that flies and birds carry germs, feces and other elements from place to place. It was first thought that the rain would wash it away, but that’s no longer true. Interest in solving the problem is growing and you’re input is wanted.