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Detroit's 1st Citywide Anti-Bullying Program

Wed, Feb 21, 1990 by Chauncey Bailey Detroit NewsThursday, May 1, 1990 in "City Voices" Detroit News

Detroit's Top 3 Ministers That Advocate For Justice

Rev. Dr. David Alexander Bullock
Minister Troy Muhammad  Rev. Dr. Charles Williams III

Detroit Hustle Network

DHN has the mission of getting entrepreneurs out of their heads and in to market place. We have hundreds of active entrepreneurs in our network. You can get the power of our network by simply telling us the kind of product you have, and how others can help.

Our Detroit Supports Harvest Festival 2019

The 1st Saturday of every September is “Harvest Festival” Day.

Launched After “Blackinaw” Policy Event 2019

The sub-committee on citizen equity sharing is gaining more interest. In a few days the CES sub-committee members will release their suggestions for increasing the citizen’s equity share.

Detroiters Consider A 1st Party Claims Based-Agenda

Step-1Get 3 key 1st-party answers.
(1) What happened to you?                                                                                                       (2) What would you like to see happen? (3) And how do you think others can help? represents a more effective advocacy model for handling the suggestions and claims made by individuals. Our networking starts from the point you make a 1stparty claim or share an experience for pointing out a problem or potential problem. The method opens full inclusiveness for defining problems and selecting solutions. This method adds a transparent continuum to what is claimed, collected and acknowledged. 
Step-2 Organize and aggregate the collected 1st party claims for connecting with first step organizers, advocates, databases and others that have similar experiences and claims.

Step-3 Have the 1st party claims of experience collected, and have the claims ready to share on request. 

Step-4 Invite others to contribute their 1st p…

Our Detroit Supports March To Protect Black Women

Activist "Jasmine" the one with Charter Commisioner Joanne Underwood. Saturday May 18,2019

Homicide Prevention Based Activism In Detroit

Nothing evokes the love for life more than life loss by homicide. The impacted parties range from the ones that love the victim; to the ones that simply hate violent criminal behavior. Do you have suggestions that might reduce homicide.

Recall Gabe Leland Council Dist 7 Takes Off!


"Blackinaw" Island Festival Day Expanded


“Blackinaw” Policy Conference Brings Out Policy Suggestions

(1) Have a policy for sharing the 1st party claims of constituents for maximum organizing and advocacy.

Our Detroit Is Hiring Protesters By The Hour

Detroiters are responding to the history of bad customer servce and predatory business behaviors. Odd jobs are still availble on an hourly basis; same day cash pay.

1st News Of Free Math & Science Tutorial Services In The D


The "Blackinaw" Policy Conference In Detroit

All roads led to The "Blackinaw" Conference which will be held on E. Philadelphia St. between John R & Brush. The conference is Saturday May 25, 2019 and starts at 1pm. (this is an outdoor activity).

Bert Dearing Is Our Man of the Month for May-2019

Our Detroit has unanimously selected Bert Dearing the longtime owner of Bert’s Place for food and entertainment. Yes! He’s our man of the month for his charitable support to the community: above and beyond his self-interest.

Sam Riddle Is Our Man of the Month for April-2019

Our Detroit has unanimously selected Sam Riddle the longtime political consultant for numerous political advocates. Yes! He’s our first man of the month for his selfless advocacy for the average person.