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Detroit’s Most Wanted 1st Party Claims & Experiences 4/23/19

Rewards could be available for your 1st party experiences & claims; have you been the following: A child once ordered in to foster care in Michigan. A victim of the Detroit Land Bank. A Detroit Parent of a Bullied Child. A victim of a Michigan Zoning Appeals Board ruling.
A Detroiter applying for low-income housing since 2016. A former fast food worker fired for organizing for 15 in Michigan. An indigent litigant that went through the 3rd circuit court after 1/1/2016. A homeless person using a Detroit area shelter. A parent of a child with problematic emotional behaviors in Detroit schools. A cancer patient with a treatment complaint in Detroit. A formerly incarcerated person returning to Detroit after 1/1/2018. A black Parent of an Autistic Child living in Detroit. . A housing renter mistreated by the property management. A home help aid paid by state of Michigan complaint. A survivor of prostitution in the Detroit area. A black medical school student at the University of Virginia in 1982-86. A re…

First Appearance Of “Buy In Detroit” Campaign


Detroit Pop-Up Buy & Sell Events

It's an excellent opportunity to present your products to real Detroiters.

Supporting Arab American Heritage Month With Posters

Giving away free posters that will be redeemable for free prizes next year is the plan.


International Institute Of Detroit Turns 100

The institutes facilities have been used to express and showcase the spirit of the community. Subjects ranging from A thru Z have been started or been hosted at 111 Kirby Street. The affordable spaces for community rental have been an asset over the years. The institutes greater message of cultural understanding and sharing continues.

Detroiters Demand Better From Central MI University

The missing protocols pointed out by rape suvivor Precious Angel. She's the student sexually assaulted and misguided in to being silent by a CMU staffer. Supporters are collecting and bringing together suggestions for solving the problem; and stopping the misguided advice.

Detroiters Are Watching Intervale St.

If you know the street of Intervale near Livernois on the Westside of the city. You know that the street has been victimized by illegal dumping for decades. Area business owners and I have personally lead several clean-up and monitoring efforts for the area. The city’s history of not having a plan to protect or develop the area is well known. The result has been shady land contracts leaving a trail of contaminated soil, un-vetted land uses; by un-vetted land owners. Now comes a new company using the land and all the signs are they don’t share our sensitivity to misuse. New business with no sign, no fresh paint and questionable business practices. Unmarked container of trash outside the new business with no fresh paint or a state required label.