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They’re Fly Dumping Old Tires & Don't Care

The customer buys 2 tires for $30. After the sell, the tire shop owner gives the buyer free or charges for old tire disposal. The cost of old tire disposal, from the car at the shop can cost over $8 per-tire. Also there’s a specific number of old tires that must be stored at the shop before they’re picked up. Below are some of the suggestions to solve the problem of fly dumping of old tires from those with 1st party experience and claims.
(1) Raise funding for the locations that take tires free for proper disposal from consumers. (2) Offer rewards to individuals that can give evidence or be a witness to illegal dumping of tires. (3) Provide rewards for haulers that can identify tire retailers that offer them payments for fly dumping old tires in Detroit. (4) Provide rewards to haulers that identify tire retailers that have solicited them for illegal tire disposal. 

Some previous articles and reports:

Wanted: Suggestions From Vision Challenged Detroiters

We’re compiling a continuing list of suggestions & 1st party experiences from sightless Detroiters. The list is for creating an agenda for improving the quality of life for sightless Detroiters.

Wanted: Suggestions To Help Detroiters In Poverty

(1) Invest in more options for collective work projects that serve the interest of those at and below the national poverty level. (From Edna T.)

(2) Select a director for the Michigan Dept. of Health & Human Services that has the best solutions for addressing the problems and claims reported by those served. (From M3)

(3) Support the people claiming a particular experience or problem to collectMesha the claims of others. (Divine Mecca Ent.)

(4) Get the suggestion(s) for solution from those with the problem. (J.R.)

(5) Automatically remove garnishments against the income and tax returns of those at and below the poverty level. (Mary H.)

(6) Start a transportation service to help those needing to transport food from pantry's and warehouses. (Mesha Little)

Detroiters Ask Who Has Our Claims?

When individual claims got coopted by media employees, those employees became an abnormal advocate. The voice of the people went from invisibility to being ignored. Later their validation of a solution became an inside corporate job, minus the 1st party experience of those mainly impacted. As they grew we got more undermining by interception of 1st party claims. We also let our advocacy be determined by the standard of how much promotion it gets. The value of 1st party claims began losing importance in organizing from that point. At the same time as commercial media interpreted freedom of speech as a right to define problems and validate solutions. Their narratives began to hunt and suppress information based on their corporate rights, not justified integrity. The corporate rights bestowed on their journalist then became corporate media’s personal lightning rod. Their job has been promoting narratives and nudging of citizens for their upward mobility and profit. As a result we have a …

Detroiters Want To Connect Their 1st Party Claims With Other Cities

We view building Mutual Agreements to listen to our citizen/member claims as a major step. If you or someone you know is collecting 1st party claims from citizens, suggest that they contact us at this step helps our advocates to have our 1st party claims on the frontend. Also it’s our operating policy for the claims and suggestions from you and I to be posted.

Our Detroiters Support Prosecutorial Misconduct Awareness Day #4

I recognize the claims and recommendations of incarcerated Detroiters across the world. We also acknowledge through first party experience the damage that prosecutorial misconduct has done to undermine the public trust. The new official day for prosecutorial misconduct day is the day you believe its very costly behavior for themselves. This month is the 12th anniversary of his incarceration in the state of Florida of John Wesley Dobbs a victim of prosecutorial misconduct in 2006.