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Detroiter Gives 8 Suggestions To Fight Illegal Dumping

(1) Promote legislation to manage accumulation, storing and transfer of trash.
(2) Fund initiatives to divert illegal dumping from occurring.
(3) Fund initiatives that create odd jobs for haulers that are sole-proprietors.
(4) Patrol, evidence and educate on potential illegal dumping.
(5) Patrol for illegal dumping in progress for prosecution.
(6) Pay rewards for Haulers that report being solicited to haul and dump illegally. (7) Pay rewards to individuals that identify trash that will potentially be illegally dumped. (8) Pay rewards for tips identifying haulers intent on illegally dumping.

Detroiters Like 910am Talk Radio Station of Michigan


Detroiters Say Why You Need Proof To Show You Know

People who did not collect our claims of experience and then claim they did are losing the battles. That losing is also impacting the confidence and relationship needed for citizen centered organizing and advocacy. The lack of a widely trusted organizing ground game has put engagement for direct advocacy at an all-time low. Citizens are not aware of the disorganizing policies currently in place until they need the most effective advocacy. At that point, if advocates have not been positioned to see, read or hear the 1st party claims we get coopted advocacy. When the advocate does not have the claims associated with your concern, they have forfeited their right to represent the claims of the impacted group. We all should recognize that if we are not positioned in a way to have a mutual agreement with the people we want to advocate for that’s a problem. If we define the problem before we have their 1st party claims, our solution is suspect and validation is made harder.

Real Detroit's Favorite Pharmacy 2018


Detroit’s Favorite Canvass Artist For 2018

Michael Horner

Detroit's Carpet Cleaners On A Mission

Aaron has assisted several Detroiters in starting their own carpet cleaning enterprises. Today those that know recognize that Aaron's Carpet Cleaning is that deal that keeps giving.