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Networking For Detroiters Outside The City

Exclusively for blog readers. networkers are soliciting our Detroiters that travel and move to other places. The networkers want travelers to share their 1st party experiences for the awareness of other Detroiters. We’ve all learned that the claimed experiences of those with the first-hand knowledge can be an asset to our public education. When you or I shed light on what oftentimes goes unreported or unknown we pay forward some help to others. When that input is managed with best practices it becomes a spreading of empowerment for the average person.

Stop Bad Customer Experiences In Detroit Protest Tours

Get on the shuttle or caravan with the group and go from business to business to protest and remind businesses of the vital role of good customer service. Some detroiters are asking for a unified response to businesses that abuse. Its time for a policy set for business establishments that invite the public to trade. Transparent policies for handling customer complaints, panhandling, loitering and emergency aid are being demanded. For more information contact us at