How Mate3 Became A Leader In Advocacy Assisting

From the actual person sharing their 1st party witness and experience; better policies and new solutions started emerging. as a group has learned to better problem solve by starting with advocacy assistance for the one with the problem. We learned that the crucial factor of having a fair and equal first step approach to problem solving was missing. How we learned what we learned was new big thing. It so happened that we learned from heavily increasing the amount of incoming 1st party claims that we cross-checked. What we did with the lessons we learned was to start offering to share those lessons through mutually agreed exchanges of 1st party claims. After the news got out about our new practices, the question became how to become aware of the 1st party problems and claims. Since nothing is too good for the membership, we continued the search for more ways to make advocacy better for the average person. We wanted to share our discoveries and advancements for providing advocacy help for our members, to help others. As citizens demanded better accountability for their input, suggestions and claims; some in power and position decided to comply. That’s the point where having affiliation with brought added value, and a systematic collaboration to help our members and others.


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