Start Creating Unity Where You Are

Unity starts with our mutual agreement to have communication exchange with each other. The more of such agreements we have, the more unity we can create. We learn from each other’s witness and 1st party claims of experience. When we have a position to see, hear and know those 1st party narratives; we can justify and compare our individual beliefs. For our group to move forward we must have a sense of justice, self-help and advocacy as a requirement. The approach to bring ourselves in to this mutual support relationship is paramount. This approach brings to surface the rules and expectations for the relationship. The process and transparency in communication relieves doubt of each one being acknowledged. Addressing the past injustice of devaluing the individual voice incites more unity. Organizing from the incoming 1st party claim is what sustains the group’s initial cause for expectation. When you add goals, suggested solutions and accountability, you can sustain the group’s unity. After agreeing on the approach to problem defining and solving, we give the 1st party their needed place. This place is the point we bring the individual experience and claims into the needed harmony. The organized noise of harmony that we make is the place of value in collaboration. Our group achievement of having individuals already in a pre-organized mutual agreement is readiness. This readiness opens up more options for organized development. Additionally our readiness immediately starts to open our markets, trade relations and identification of support. The personal empowerment that opens up with the connecting of ourselves to have exchange with ourselves, is our unity leveling up.


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