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Indigent Fathers Seek Exclusive Legal Representation

Years of collecting the 1st party claims of non-married and married biological fathers has led to a few conclusions. One conclusion has stood out and it means we build an exclusive law and advocacy model. This new model would start with a goal of early intervention, problem solving and policy shifting. If you know someone that should consider what we can offer contact us.
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Public Organizing & The Intellectuals

I’ve known many women and men that have learned great stuff; some even showed signs of being exceptional. Yet! They too were startled by their inability to move others based on that knowledge alone.  I’ve helped them to discover that we’ve been doing it all wrong. The foundation for our productive organizing is at the problem defining approach. It’s the pre-existing relationship we have with the 1st party claim collectors; that becomes the most essential ingredient to having trust. Finally it’s our shared narrative that gives rise to expectation and demands. The conclusion is it’s less about personal knowledge when it comes to uniting individuals today.  From: CEO

Share Your Suggestions To Improve Middle School Life

Starting 9/15/2019 we will be collecting and posting suggestions to improve life in middle school according to middle schoolers, and their parents.

(1) Each school should collect & post the suggestions from students. From: The Lester

Send A Pic Of Stray Dogs You See

Establishing a most wanted list of neighborhood dogs has begun, and so has the first recurring pics of the same dogs. Send your pics to or call 313 742-6018
Seen in the E. Layfayette St. east of Chene St. area!