The Fight For Accountability In Organizing

Direct 1st party claim connecting is advancing even amid much opposition. The opposition to accountability in advocacy comes from some of the advocates. Those among them that didn’t collect and that don’t have our 1st party claims are the ones in opposition. Because they were allowed to take the lead on some issues without having the 1st party claims; they want it to continue. That legacy is one filled with not being able to tell the difference between having and speaking about the 1st party claims. The claims allow you to identify the best start point for organizing and validation. Collecting the claims directly lets claimant’s audit and track success. When others get to speak without your direct claims, they can validate solutions that don’t work for you. When direct claims are missing, stolen or manipulated, it stalls the ability to see weaknesses and count successes accurately. Too many of us have been on a bad diet of pre-packaged and overly processed input. The future of organizing people is dependent on healing the damage of being fed 3rd and 4th party narratives for years.


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