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The Problem Of Dumping Used Tires

Below are some of the suggestions to solve the problem of fly dumping of old tires from those with 1st party experience and claims.
(1) Raise funding for the locations that take tires free for proper disposal from consumers. (2) Offer rewards to individuals that can give evidence or be a witness to illegal dumping of tires. (3) Provide rewards for haulers that can identify tire retailers that offer them payments for fly dumping old tires in Detroit. (4) Provide rewards to haulers that identify tire retailers that have solicited them for illegal tire disposal. 

Foster Parents Are Networking


Public Organizing & Intellectuals

I’ve known many women and men that have learned great stuff; some even showed signs of being exceptional. Yet! They too were startled by their inability to move others based on that knowledge alone.  I’ve helped them to discover that we’ve been doing it all wrong. The foundation for our productive organizing is at the problem defining approach. It’s the pre-existing relationship we have with the 1st party claim collectors; that becomes the most essential ingredient to having trust. Finally it’s our shared narrative that gives rise to expectation and demands. The conclusion is it’s less about personal knowledge when it comes to uniting individuals today.  From: CEO

Making Detroit's 1st Party Claims Based-Agenda

Our networking and agenda making starts from the point you make a 1stparty claim or share an experience. We appreciate you taking your time to point out a problem or potential problem. The method opens full inclusiveness for defining our problems and selecting solutions. This method adds a transparent continuum to what is claimed, collected, stored and acknowledged. 
Step-2 Organize and aggregate the collected 1st party claims for connecting with first step organizing, advocates, databases and others that have similar experiences and claims.

Step-3 Have the 1st party claims of experience collected, and have the claims ready to share on request. 

Step-4 Invite others to contribute their 1st party claims to networking.
By raising the value of the 1stparty claims we create a margin of empowerment for the average person. 
Step-5 We simultaneously recruit individuals to initiate 1st party experience based advocacy, activism and volunteerism.

Detroiters Are Still Fighting Auto Repair Rip-Off’s

Detroit Council District 7 is creating a reputation for being over saturated with unmonitored and unregulated after-market auto repair enterprises. If you or someone you know has been a victim of questionable auto repairs contact me Perry Keys at or by phone at 313 742-6018

Biological Fathers & Indigent Litigants Join Forces

This is a match for the two victimized groups to exercise connected advocacy. If you know someone that should see what we can offer contact us.


Share Your Suggestions To Improve Middle School Life

Starting 9/15/2019 we will be collecting and posting suggestions to improve life in middle school according to middle schoolers, and their parents.

(1) Each school should collect & post the suggestions from students. From: The Lester

How We Tune Up The Organizing Relationships

For the sake of keeping it simple let me put it this way. Our power organizing relationships matter when it comes to solving our problems. But my question is how long should our mutual agreement making machine go without a checkup and tune up? The reason this machine needs to always have its spark checked is because like all machines, the tune up sets the timing and points of getting the needed fire. The fire comes from the claimed experience from the 1st party; which is you or me.  When the timing and points are set correctly, the mutual agreement making machine will speed up, and build up citizen engagement. Problems become more defined by proof and solutions more validated by each impacted person. The power is multiplied with the points for intake of the 1st party claims; this multiplication creates an accessible tool for measuring accountability for incoming 1st party claims.

Send A Pic Of Stray Dogs You See

Establishing a most wanted list of neighborhood dogs has begun, and so has the first recurring pics of the same dogs. Send your pics to or call 313 742-6018
Seen in the E. Layfayette St. east of Chene St. area!

Starting At The Dept Of Human Services

1st party claims from more citizens in more places than ever before are being collected. After collecting thousands of 1st party inputs and claims from recipients and those in need.  We all should support the collecting of the 1st party claims from the impacted people; not the narratives of others.    Bring Your 1st Party Claims To Meet 

Relationships & Trust Triggers In Organizing People

In our study of relationships in effective organizing, we found factors like how long the parties had exchanged 1st party claims. So we now realize that the first trust trigger to productive organizing is the mutual communication agreement. In this case the mutual relationship agreement is between the one collecting and the one sharing their 1st party claim. The mutually agreed communication agreement is the starting place. From that start we add the policies for handling the incoming claims. With the combination of designated collectors, handling policies and the 1st party claims; we create the 2nd trust trigger, which is step by step understanding. Next it’s the equal access to put your individual claims into defining problems and validating solutions; that creates the 3rd trust trigger, willing engagement! The length of the mutual relationship between the collector and the claim provider adds history, and more confidence. Next we found that when we format claims and input to be con…

Cleaning Detroit Senior & Handicapped Housing

We’ve started collecting and networking the 1st party claims of maintenance workers. Not just any maintenance workers, but those who are employed to do the work at these properties.
SUGGESTION-1 Maintenance workers should be encouraged to get pictures and tips for educational proofs. From
SUGGESTION-2 Assure tenant ability to dispose of garbage properly on a daily basis. From L. Williams

To: Joanna Underwood / City of Detroit Charter Commissioner


Share Suggestions To Help Vision Challenged Detroiters

We’re starting a continuing list of suggestions & 1st party experiences from vision challenged persons and those that assist them. We want this list to help create an agenda for improving the quality of life for vision challenged Detroiters.
(1) Spend more time getting the input of vision challenged individuals. From: Reuben Turner
(2) Join together with the wheelchair problem solver groups. From Derek Perry

Detroiters Exchange Suggestions To Reduce Poverty

(1) Invest in more options for collective work projects that serve the interest of those at and below the national poverty level. (From Edna T.)

(2) Select a director for the Michigan Dept. of Health & Human Services that has the best solutions for addressing the problems and claims reported by those served. (From M3)

(3) Support the people claiming a particular experience or problem to collect the claims of others with the same problem. (Divine Mecca Ent.)

(4) Get the suggestion(s) for solution from those with the problem. (J.R.)

(5) Automatically remove garnishments against the income and tax returns of those at and below the poverty level. (Mary H.)

(6) Start a transportation service to help those needing to transport food from pantry's and warehouses. (Mesha Little)

Transferring The Management Of Activism

Have you ever thought about what happens to the complaints you give someone and then that someone changes? The policies and chain of custody for our 1st party claims is very important. The plans and policies that cover 1st party claims of all kinds should be regularly adjusted. The claims of victims should dictate who and when for taking the lead on solving the problem. The directions for problem solving must dictate the directions and rights for providing advocacy.  Poor management of the 1st party claims will downgrade the relationship between the trust triggers and public participation. The effects of trust trigger relationship downgrades has reduced our mass organizing and mobilizing capacity. Since we’ve learned the conditions that hinder 1st parties from giving voice to their problems and claims; we’ve been solving the problem. A part of fixing the problem is to stop the lack of continuum in handling 1st party input. Organizing is fed by the claims and aspirations of individuals…

Is It Opportunism -or- Real Advocacy?

The question has loomed for years; and today the same suggestions keep emerging. Are the right people organizing to advocate for us? The same faces popping up in places to allegedly advocate for victims, has some of us wanting a fairer advocacy support process. Proof of the victim statement and their follow up input has become mandatory. We have too many political consultants in suits and robes, from far and near, who are playing the same game of jump on it opportunism. What are your suggestions for making advocacy serve us all better?