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Report Bureaucratic Errors Resulting In Damages

Many of us have been a victim of some sort of bureaucratic errors or ineptitude.Most all government agencies and aid providers make changes to their routine practices that impact us negatively, and they demonstrate little to no concern for the effects. The annual certification for housing and government services has a history of creating lots of unpublicized problems and effects. Share your 1st party experiences for better advocacy and problem solving going forward.

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Off The Bench In 2020 For Judge Lynne A Pierce

Each citizen is encouraged to promote the removal of Judges they believe to be bad for the public good.

Add names to the political slate for removal of Judges in Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court.

Send A Pic Of Stray Dogs You See

Establishing a most wanted list of neighborhood dogs has begun, and so has the first recurring pics of the same dogs. Send your pics to or call 313 742-6018
Seen in the E. Layfayette St. east of Chene St. area!

The Problem Is Bird Shit, Flies & Sidewalks

Untrimmed trees in the near downtown area are drawing the ire of everybody impacted. Residents started to notice the problem about five years ago, as the once small trees have grown older. The type of trees that line many residential landscapes in the area are attractive to the birds they’re forcing out of downtown Detroit. So now we have more fallen branches and a big increase in bird feces. Most property managers have not had to trim trees over walk ways; so it’s not been getting done. Now the problem is the number of incidents of flies going up the pants legs and dresses of residents. Scientist agree that flies and birds carry germs, feces and other elements from place to place. It was first thought that the rain would wash it away, but that’s no longer true. Interest in solving the problem is growing and you’re input is wanted.